A List Of Things Zoë McAuley Has Written


Riddles in Ice and Blood

A novella in the Lost Omens setting.

In a distant corner of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, sickly, young Runa expected nothing more than to live out her whole life by the fireside on her family farm. Her only consolation is her skill at board games. But when a trio of norns come to challenge her to a series of games, they warn her of coming disaster. Runa must use all her wit to outplay the far more terrible visitor who comes to her hearth bearing old secrets, if she is to save her family from an icy grave.

Published through Pathfinder Infinite.
Price: Pay What You Want

Fawn Brown

Everyone remembers the tale of Snow White and her wicked stepmother. No-one remembers Fawn Brown, the other princess, who made the fairy tale happen.

Fawn Brown grew up in the shadow of her half-sister, Snow White. Daughter of the King and his second wife Margaretha, Fawn lacked Snow’s beauty and her position as heir to the throne. Fawn’s lot was to wait timidly in the background of the court until she could be sent off to a dull assignment in the bleakest corner of the kingdom.

But the early death of their father left Snow White a spoilt child-queen and Margaretha as her regent. As Snow White approaches adulthood, Fawn finds herself catapulted onto the throne by her mother’s desperate schemes and caught up in an impossible balance between saving her sister and keeping the crown she coveted.

“Fawn Brown” is the story of three women in a struggle for a throne, torn between loyalty, jealousy and ambition.

Published as a Kindle Single.
Price: £0.96
Audio-Book available on Audible.
Available through Kindle Unlimited.


Opening Salvo
My first collection of short stories, featuring “What If Everything Was Forgotten?”, “What White Socks Was”, “Debts of the Father”, “Damage Control” and “Rock Formations”, plus five previously unpublished short stories and a small flock of microfiction.
Published through Kindle Direct Publishing.
Price: £1.77
Available through Kindle Unlimited.

Short Stories

The Length of an Hour
After years of service, Ilina has been invited to become one of the undead scholars that tend to the Eternal Archives, but dark rumours surround the rite that will allow her to transcend death.
Published in the Lorelei Signal, October – December 2022 Issue.
Price: Free

The Space Between Dreams
The world of dreams is an ocean, and wherever there is an ocean, there will be pirates, roaming free on an impossible ship, seeking treasures only dreamt of.
Published in Pirates of the Empyrean by Zombie Pirate Publishing.
Price: £2.99 (Kindle), £12.99 (Paperback)

A school boy seeks the truth about his missing sister and finds that some monsters can do worse than simply kill you.
Published in Superhero Monster Hunters: The Good Fight by Emby Press.
Out of Print

Fairy Tale Endings
There are a lot of screwed-up children in Grimm’s orphanage – an unfortunate couple meet some of them.
Published in It’s a Grimm Life by Tacitus Publishing.
Price: £4.92 (Kindle Edition), £5.17 (Paperback)

The Flight Of The Silk Moth
Three girls visit a fairy seamstress seeking help in winning the hand of a prince. It doesn’t end well for anyone involved
Published in Niteblade #31. Also available on Payhip and Kobo
Price: £0.75 (Kindle), $1 (Payhip), £1.99 (Kobo)

Damage Control
Modern medical crisis teams meet a mythical threat and there are lumps of bloody meat all over some Scottish holiday cottages.
Published in Encounters Magazine #12.
Price: Free

How Bird Found Its Feathers
A Just So story of how the first bird went from a fluffy kiwi-like creature to a master of the sky.
Published in Latchkey Tales Volume Four: Wings of Air
Out of Print

Rock Formations
Where baby islands come from and why it can be bad for your home.
Published in Latchkey Tales, Volume Three: Songs Of The Earth
Out of Print (Included In Opening Salvo)

Old Stitch-Lips
Four desperate travellers seek the being which guards all the secrets in the world and discover the cost of getting it to part with one of its charges.
Part One published in Isotropic Fiction Issue 11.
Part Two published in Isotropic Fiction Issue 12.
Out of Print

The Tale of the Tailor-Prince
Heroes are expected to step up to their destinies. But Ralph wanted none of his heroic fate – if destiny wants something done, it will have to do it for itself.
Published in Sorcerous Signals
Out of Print

Debts of the Father
An unlucky member of the Kennedy Family discovers the Old World roots of their curse, as it tries to catch up with her.
Published in The Kennedy Curse anthology
Price: £5.99 (Kindle), £14.72 (Paperback)

What White Socks Was
A talented young farm cat has a crisis, thanks to the expectations of the other farm animals – written for Unsettling Wonder’s ‘Wise Fools’ themed issue.
Published in Unsettling Wonder, Vol. 1, Issue 2.
Out of Print (Included in Opening Salvo)

Experimental Eschatology: Key Definitions In An Emergent Field
The esteemed scientist Dr Morag MacChruim writes an article on exactly how to describe the end of the world.
Published in Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2013
Price: $2.99 on various e-book websites – see the MSJ: Spring 2013 page for details

What If Everything Was Forgotten?
Based on a Celebrate Science writing workshop with the theme of ‘What If?’, this is a tale of archaeology coming in useful in the post-apocalypse.
Published on the Celebrate Science blog.
Price: Free

RPG Supplements

For Exalted 3rd Edition

Forgotten Fiends: Scarategeli
Forgotten Fiends: Veraphor
Forgotten Fiends: Mystarodia

Three collections of NPCs from the realm of Malfeas
Published through Storyteller’s Vault
Price: Pay What You Want


Digging Deeper: The Origins of Newcastle and Gateshead
(Co-written with David Heslop)
It’s a local archaeology book.
Published by Tyne Bridge Publishing.
Price: £8.50

Other Things

Time-Travelling Chess
A chess variant permitting movement forwards and backwards in time at the risk of being caught in paradox check.
Published through Tabletopia.
Price: Free