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My Words On Smashwords

Fawn Brown and Opening Salvo are now available on Smashwords and wherever else Smashwords spreads them to (they list a lot of places I’ve never heard of, okay?).  Both also have swanky new covers. The Opening Salvo cover was created by Jeannette Ng, using Wordle and a great deal of fiddling about. Due to being infinitely superior to my previous efforts, it’s also now the Amazon cover. The image for the Fawn Brown cover is by Samantha Holtom and is the most adorable depiction of a dead deer you will ever see (perhaps that’s a spoiler, but I’d rather not get your hopes up that there are adorable live deer).

Opening Salvo 2nd coverFawn Brown Smashwords Cover


New Story: Tamperproof

This was accepted so long ago that I’d forgotten about it until an email the other day. “Superhero Monster Hunters: The Good Fight” has been released and in it, my story “Tamperproof.” The enormous anthology is now available on Amazon.

The Opening Salvos of Opening Salvo

To tempt you into craving my collection, here’s the opening paragraphs of each of the previously unpublished stories.

(If I carry on like this, I’ll have to post the second paragraph of the stories in the second collection and so on. This can only go well).

White Horses

The castle on the sea rock had always been a haven for hobos and hermits, everyone knew that. The local children often saw the old man fishing as they combed the beach for driftwood and treasure. Their parents sighed and said it had been the same when they were young – there was always someone so out of luck or out of patience with the world, that they thought life might be better in a roofless wreck of old rocks clinging like a stubborn limpet to a chunk of black stone tied to the coast by a crumbling masonry causeway.


We waited until the cracks of gunshot stopped, their echoes carrying far along the bare walls of the laboratory. We waited until the heavy footsteps receded at a leisurely pace. He knew that we would not follow.

Mind The Gap

The welcoming party chatted aimlessly as they waited on the platform, admiring the fresh decor, yet to to sullied by soot and grimy crowds. James suppressed the urge to tap his shoes nervously against the new tiles. Every few moments he glanced to Archie, the station master, who was perched near the platform edge, watching a pocket watch with a deepening frown.

Punishments of a Petty Sinner

What, so this is it? Just this?” Cathy said, staring at the room in bafflement.

Under Ancient Seals

By the time they arrived, they were already too late.

The cavern had gone on far further than expected, the natural caves continued by crude mines hacked downwards through the bedrock, barely wide enough for a single person to pass through. The torch soon guttered in the airless tunnels, forcing them to continue by spell-light alone.

Opening Salvo – A Whole Bunch Of Stories In One Place!

I’ve decided to save my stories from the wastes of the Internet in a new and exciting fashion – I’ve bundled the first few together into a single volume, along with some unpublished stories, and put it up on Amazon.

So here’s Opening Salvo, hopefully the first of who knows how many bundles of short stories, containing ten stories, half old and half new.

Two New Stories!

Two stories have reached publication pretty much at once. There’s both fairy tale related – It’s apparently a popular topic for anthologies at the moment.

First, “The Flight of the Silk Moth” where three girls visit a fairy seamstress and everyone’s lives go downhill from there.

Second, “Fairy Tale Endings” involving a visit to Mr Grimm’s orphanage full of familiar and screwed-up children.

Both demand money before they’ll show you my words. I hear that’s how these things are meant to work.

New Story: Damage Control (Really this time)

At last, Encounters Magazine #12 has been released! And with it, “Damage Control”, a tale of meaty chunks all over Scottish holiday cottages. It’s free too, just click on the cover with the creepy greys on it.


New Story: How Bird Found Its Feathers

Once again, Latchkey Tales has published one of my demented Just So stories, this time about how birds gained the power of flight, in their latest collection “Wings of Air”. It’s still at the print only stage, but their last collection is now out for Kindle for $10. Latchkey Tales also operate through Patreon, which I do not comprehend in any way, but seems like it might be cheaper.

New Story: Rock Formations

Latchkey Tales’ Third Volume “Songs of the Earth” had been released as a terrifyingly expensive paperback. It will probably come out as a more reasonably priced e-book as some point soon.

It includes my story “Rock Formations”, which explains where baby islands come from and it isn’t where the geologists have been telling you.

New Story: Damage Control

Well, nearly. Issue #12 of Encounters Magazine might appear some time soon, featuring my rather gory tale “Damage Control”. There’s a preview here. Someday soon, there might be the whole story available on the site.

I’ve also had a couple of other short stories accepted by collections which should be out soon. I’m trying to remember to keep an eye on them.

Fawn Brown, The Audio Book

I’ve just discovered that the Fawn Brown audio book was released on Audible a couple of months ago.

Here’s the link.

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